Hydrogen Rail Applications

equipped with fittings from STÖHR ARMATUREN

The industry today
In order to achieve carbon neutrality, greenhouse gas emissions from the rail industry’s diesel–electric engines must be reduced further. Instead of the significant investment required to electrify traditionally powered routes and shunting yards using overhead contact lines, fuel cells can deliver an efficient on-board power supply, providing electric propulsion in cases where batteries are insufficient for energy storage. Hydrogen-fuelled combustion engine technology is also being evaluated for future potential.

Green energy and future needs
Future fuel-cell-powered passenger trains or cargo trains will contribute to a hydrogen ecosystem – an effective way of decarbonising heavy rail traffic and achieving emission-free mobility. And, with the electricity for green hydrogen production coming from renewable sources such as hydropower and solar energy, it is a carbon-free power source.

Our mission
STÖHR is committed to having a positive impact on the environment and offers solutions for hydrogen-based transportation systems at all medium temperatures, valve sizes and pressure levels for both on-track mobile applications and stationary use at filling stations. Get in touch to discuss your design concept and we’ll work with you to design, prototype and manufacture the fittings and installations you need for mass production. We’re open to your challenge!

  • Onboard hydrogen tank shut-off valve (OTV)
  • LH2 and GH2 shut-off, control, check valves and filters for onboard fuel cell application
  • Stationary tank filling shut-off valve
  • LH2 and GH2 shut-off, control, check valves and filters for stationary equipment

Essential product features:

  • High pressure valve for operating pressure at 360 / 420 / 500 / 750 up to 900 bar
  • Cryogenic medium temperature type ranging from 2 K to 243 K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Ambient medium temperature ranging from 243 K to 323 K (-30° C to +50° C)
  • Manual or pneumatic actuation
  • Straight body type
  • Low actuating forces due to balanced valve lift
  • High tightness at seat, even at high pressure levels
  • Installation in any mounting position possible
  • Nominal sizes: DN10 to DN40

BALANS series 7100 manual globe valve

Essential product features:

  • Free installation position: can be installed in a horizontal position or even in upside-down position
  • Cryogenic globe or control valve
  • Medium temperatures ranging from 2K to 243K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Straight body type
  • Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuator
  • Nominal sizes: DN10 to DN300
  • Nominal pressure: PN40

Pneumatic globe valve in upside-down installation position

Essential product features:

  • Cryogenic globe or control valve
  • Medium temperatures ranging from 2 K to 243 K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Manual, electric or pneumatic diaphragm actuator
  • Angle body type
  • High flow coefficient (KVS / CV value)
  • High control accuracy
  • Low heat input
  • Sniffer bore for monitoring tightness of the bellows
  • De-gassing facility
  • Various control cones for different control characteristics available
  • Nominal sizes: DN2 to DN300
  • Nominal pressure: PN40

Series 1600 manual globe valve

  • Fittings for gases since 1938
  • Experienced in cryogenics since the 1960s
  • Quality system based on ISO 9001:2015
  • High product safety in operation
  • High product reliability, low maintenance
  • Long durability
  • Designed and Made in Germany
  • High leak tightness to the environment
  • Lowest heat loads to the medium
  • Highest pressure levels
  • Applicable at cryogenic, ambient and even hot medium temperatures
  • For all environmental and service conditions
  • Upstream, midstream and downstream applications

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